ES Server Enclosure - GL480ES-2442

Dimensions: 48.00"H x 24.00"W x 42.00"D
Rack Spaces: 24 RMU, 19" EIA 310-E Compliant
Rails rated at: 2000 lbs. on levelers, bolted to floor, or on casters;
with HD Kit, 3300 lbs.*
Stock Color: Black; Interested in Custom Color?
Shipping Weight: 310 lbs.
Shown with optional accessories
OSHPD Pre-Approval (OPA) document

*HD Kit can only be factory installed; it must be
specified at the time the enclosure is ordered.
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Catalog Page

Technical Drawing



Part No. Description
4801ES-2442 Enclosure frame with two pair of black powder coated, universal 19", 3/8" sq. (M6) mounting rails (with RMU markings) and package of M6 hardware; includes two pairs of PDU button mount brackets with with up to three mounting positions per side
7209-HD One set of 4 Adjustable Levelers (2.50″H)
TPES-S Solid top panel
4802E-MC24 Mesh Contour door with locking swing handle
4802E-MC24 Mesh Contour front door with locking swing handle
4810-36ELS Paid of solid lift-off side panels with lock and finger release latches


Doors and Side Panels
4803E-24 Solid Steel Door
4804E-24 Perimeter vented steel door
4802E-24 Plexiglas Door
4803E-SF24 Split fan door set; Find out more!
4811-36ELL Vented lift-off panel with lock & finger release latches

Removable Top Panels
TPES-P Perforated top panel
TPES-S Solid top panel
TPES-B Top panel with Brush Grommet
TPES-F Top Panel with fan guard and three, 75 CFM fans
TPES-F10 Top Panel with fan guard and one 10″, 550 CFM fans

Cable Management
CMP Single Cable Management Post, 3.00″H
CMP-8 Package of 8 Cable Managements Posts, 3.00″H
VLB-48 Vertical lacing bar for 48″ ES Enclosure (includes 6 cinch straps)
VCB-4836 Vertical cable bar kit for 48"H ES Enclosure (includes 1 vertical bar, 2 horizontal bars and 6 cinch straps)

Stationary Shelves for 19″ Mounting
7206-FR-ADHD Stationary Shelf (front/rear mount adjustable), 17.50″H x 27.25″D,
150 lb. weight capacity, 1 RMU
7206-FR-A32HD Stationary Shelf (front/rear mount adjustable), 17.50″H x 32.00″D,
300 lb. weight capacity, 1 RMU

Sliding and Speciality Shelves for 19″ Mounting
7206-FRSL-AHD Sliding Shelf, 17.50″W x 22.00″D, 110 lb. weight capacity, 2 RMU
7206-FRSL-ADHD Sliding Shelf, 17.50″W x 26.00″D, 110 lb. weight capacity, 2 RMU
7206-FRSLA300 Sliding Shelf, 14.33″W x 30.00″D, 300 lb. weight capacity, 2 RMU
7206-MKM Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse Shelf, 17.00″W x 24.00″D, 200 lb. weight capacity, 2 RMU
7206-PKB-MT Pivoting Keyboard Shelf with Mouse Tray, 20.625″W x 9.5″D, 110 lb. weight capacity. 3 RMU
Power Strips, Copper Bus Bar, and Cooling Equipment
7219 6 position, 15 amp power strip with circuit breaker and 15’ cord; for 19″ mounting
7219-SR14 14 position (6 front/8 back) power strip with circuit breaker and surge suppressor;
for 19″ mounting
CBB-48 Copper Bus Bar (Isolated)
7217FT-3 Fan Assembly (front/rear mount adjustable) with fan guards and three 75 CFM fans, 2 RMU
7217LE2 Fan Kit with two 75 CFM fans, for use with 24″W contour mesh door
Mounting Rails, Casters, and Other Accessories
4805-ES2P Pair of EIA mounting rails to accept 3/8" sq. (M6) cage nuts w/hardware
HDW-105-50 Package of 50 3/8" sq. (M6) cage nuts w/screws – 12mm screw length
G101 Networking/Ganging kit
7208-ES One set of 4 Casters, all non-locking
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